Ola I’m Fabio Soares, Visual artist, and nowadays Creative Director / Film Director.

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood is my second movie, following the medium-length western film Woman With No Name. I work on unique universes, and I'm obsessive with each creative aspect of my projects.

As I love tattoo, Science Fiction and Rock n' Roll, I'm happy to collaborate with actors and artists such like Bernie Bonvoisin, Jane Badler , Laura Satana or international model Gogo Blackwater .

Music is also very important to me: I work with German band Junksista since a very long time now, and more recenlty with French band Faith & Spirit .

Nowadays I'm working on the long-length adaptation of Bitch Popcorn & Blood. I'm also writing a feminine road movie, my favorite theme...

« Violence is a fair payback! Women in movies are mostly there just to reply or fall in love of the main character. Finally, movies are as sexiest as our society. Beyond this point, I like to show this unbalanced fight, women, and social issues in general. »
December 2014 – The Parisian Post

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